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АЦП и ЦАП : AR-B3201
Channels: 3 D/A channels or 2 D/A channels plus 8 D/A channels
Resolution: 12 bits for D/A and A/D
Conversion type: D/A monolithic multiplying, A/D - division by 2 approximation (software)
Input Output range:
D/A - Voltage - 0 to +5V or 0 to +9V
Current: 0 to 12mA
A/D: 0 to 5V
Conversion time: 20us for D/A, 20ms for A/D
Relative accuracy: +/-1LSB
Differential non linearity: +/-1LSB
Temp. coft: 2ppm/deg.C(typ.)
Input impedance: >20M ohms
Software driver: Assembly, BASICA, C and DBASE III+
I/O address: Base port switch selectable from 000H to 3F7H with incrumentof 8
Power consumption:
+5VDC @ 100mA. -5VDC @ 20mA, +12VDC @ 60mA, -12VDC @ 20mA
Operation Temp.: 0 to 60 degrees C
Storage Temp.: -20 to 70 degrees C
Humidity: 0% to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions: 175(W) x 109mm(H)
3 channel digital to analog outputs or 2 channel digital to analog outputs
12 bit resolution
0 to 5V or 0mA to 12 mA D/A output range
0 to 5V input range
Assembly, BASIC, C, DBASE drivers, and demo programs provided
FRC 34-pin connector

Добавлено:  August 5th 2004
Обозреватель:  Dinh
Ссылка по теме:  A/D, D/A Converter Card
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